Criticism of Confucianism and China 揭露汉支那几千年邪教传统

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China has really risen!
The Han Chinese (Confucians) attack anybody who doesn’t agree with them!

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The Confucians are explained! Anybody interested in publishing it?

The arrogant, aggressive, selfish, cruel, dishonest, cowardly, proud, lying, ethics-crying, dominance-crying, also victim-crying Confucians have been calling themselves “mysterious ancient civilized” eastern people. And they are really contradiction itself. But they are no longer mysterious. Everything has come to light.

Warning: You will see the horrific mental illness and evil in the name of culture or civilization!

The Contents:

The weirdness of Confucians
The phenomena that can be axioms to explain other Confucian phenomena
The Confucian mechanism
Explaining the Confucians with those phenomena as axioms

I have explained most of the ideas here (Han Han2 Han3).

I also have a twitter account “@wickedhan”.

The Confucians are explained! Anybody interested in publishing it and helping me with English?

Greetings from Nanjing !!!

Rape of Nanjing, whose fault? (I’m not asking if rape of Nanjing is true or false, but asking why there should be rape.)

Had the Chinese greeted the Japanese in Nanjing like the Han Chinese greeted the Manchu invaders about 300 years before, there could be no Nanjing execution and the Japanese troops would march into Nanjing city with the Chinese hailing on both sides of the streets.

About 300 years before the battle of Nanjing, Manchu troops headed for Nanjing after “Ten Days of Yangzhou Massacre”, the Han Chinese in Nanjing didn’t fight for liberty, nor try to avenge the murderers of their “dear folk victims”, nor try to “seek justice” like they cry “Nanjing massacre” against the Japanese. Instead of defending their home, they all left their city to greet the invaders with gifts and excessive praise in fear.

The Manchus were surprised. The commander of Manchu troops, Prince Dodo didn’t even want to take a look at the hill of gifts and sea of flattering words. The invaders despised the Han Chinese as human trash! They took the city of Nanjing peacefully in the defenders’ greetings.

The author of “Rape of Nanjing” should have written another book called “Greetings from Nanjing”! And it’s the historical fact. She doesn’t need to fabricate anything like she has done in “Rape of Nanjing”.

So, why should there be “rape of Nanjing”?
If the Han Chinese should greet the Manchus which they call “beasts”, why should they NOT have greeted the Japanese which they call “inferior devils”?
If it should be called “brotherhood” to greet the Manchu invaders, why should they not do the same to greet the Japanese?

Aid to the world most arrogant people?

China has been receiving the “aid to developing countries”. And when you criticize China, they, the richer, angrily despise you “the poor despicable American beggars”.

You the beggars beg money from the rich arrogant Chinese, and you give aid to them?????

Who is insane?

You think the Chinese will appreciate you when they receive your aid?
No, they hate you and they despise you.

The Han Chinese are not the people that can say “thank you” when they receive your aid, but despise because they think it’s your moral duty. And since it’s your moral duty, it means you should be considered inferior to them and you must be burdened by the moral duty. You are not free from the moral duty that is only for the considered inferior people.

So, why should you give aid to China, because they are poor or because they want to despise you?

Will they say “thank you” after receiving your aid or will they hate you despise you instead?
You think they will appreciate you?

If you think so, you are totally wrong. The Han Chinese are not the people like you!

You think the Chinese will hate you when you invade them?
No, they love you and they comfort you.
You should remember that they are the Chinese, not you!

So, if you want to be appreciated and loved, not be hated nor despised, what should you do?
I believe you have already had the answers.

Who invented the aid to developing countries?
Hang yourself or you will be hanged by the arrogant aid-receiving people!

Where’s the so called Chinese high intelligence?

Some have told me that the Chinese are the second most intelligent human group in the known universe, second only to Jews.

The Jews are pretty odd. The so called most intelligent group had not had a country for themselves for 2000 years.

And the so called second most intelligent group, the Han Chinese, are also pretty odd. They had to kneel before the invaders with their population 50 times larger than that of the invaders. And it’s not enough for them to kneel once, they had to kneel twice, for hundreds of years.

And the only cause of their kneeling history is found by themselves to be the inferiority of their invaders.

They called their conquerors both Mongols and Manchus beasts.

But, why does one of the world most intelligent superior human groups have to be superior by kneeling before invaders? Can’t they be called intelligent by standing before invaders?

Where’s their “HIGH” intelligence in their KNEELING history?

Where’s their “HIGH” intelligence when they try to explain their KNEELING history? Can’t they see the truth that it’s themselves, not the conquerors that contributed to their humiliated, not glorious history?

The political and economical demography in China

The political and economical demography in China:

This is an example for you to understand communist China and communism AND ALSO THE HAN CHINESE PEOPLE.

More than 90% of the richest are children of the high ranked communist officials. What does it mean? Does communism mean “If I take yours, I call it communism, and if you want to share mine, I tell you it’s not yours?”

And 50% of personal income tax is from labors. They are “educated” to be “moral and committed” to work for “the rise of China” and “the rise of Han Chinese nation”. It’s amazingly moral, isn’t it?

And, why does it also tell you what the Han Chinese people are?

Remember they had been under Manchu’s rule for hundreds of years. More than 90% of then China’s population was the Han Chinese. And it’s pretty fine for them to be under Manchu’s rule which population was less than 2% of then China’s population.

And now you see the vast majority of China’s population is still under minority’s rule, though the minority and the majority are of the same ethnic identity. And there’s no revolution.

So, what if the Han Chinese get conquered again? Will the new minority conquerors rule them thousands of years and it’s just pretty fine?

Think about it!

Path of comfort victims’ glory

The Han Chinese want to rise because they were humiliated by the invaders. They were the comfort women and comfort soldiers under invaders’ attack.

So, how do the comfort victims try to glorify themselves?
Tell themselves never try to comfort again?
No, they fight 70% of their population, keep them poor, rob them, enslave them, bully them, and cooperate with foreign industrial powers to glorify themselves. And PART of the rest 30% of their population really feel the glory and proudly show the entire world their pride.

Will they still be the comfort victims once invaders come again?
They don’t know such question nor try to answer this question.

If they feel humiliated, why did they comfort their invaders, while not fight to death?
They don’t know such question either.

Why can’t the comfort victims tell themselves not to comfort invaders to humiliate themselves?
Why can’t they tell themselves not to humiliate themselves but to glory themselves?
Such questions can never come to their minds.

Far less than 30% of their population pursue glory not by telling themselves not to comfort but by bullying their own people to have something to be proud of and to look “superior” though they are still the comfort.

Their wealth gathered in the slavery, their pride, their compulsory arrogance does not mean they will not kneel again before invaders’ bullets.

So wicked pride, so wicked glory, so wicked path of glory.

Can’t you see their mental illness in their “national pride”?

The “horrific” British

When I watch British parliament debate, I am always nervous and feel it “horrific”. Some of the British MPs don’t look calm but look agitated. In the Han community, if the Han Chinese look like this when they can’t agree with one another, what is going to happen is to roar, rebuke, rule, command, intimidate, threaten, or tell you that you are considered inferior, you are considered nothing, you have no rights to speak, otherwise they would “Beat you to death!”, and they can “Kill you like killing chicken”, or tell you “Fuck you mom in the pussy!” “Fuck eighteen generations of your ancestors!”

But, none of these most “popular” Han Chinese phenomena happens in the British parliament. They debate, they argue, they would look emotional, even angry, but basically they follow the rules not to cross the line. They try to cite laws or the facts to prove their argument. They try to solve problems not to fight to consider another to be inferior.

The two peoples are so different. And the liars say that all humans are equal and should be considered the same. That’s a lie that honest people can see!

What makes the Han Chinese blind to the truth about their evil culture but makes them be proud of it?

It’s the mental illness that is called “the Han Dam” in the coming book.

The Han Dam makes the Han Chinese NEED to be proud of themselves, to feel themselves superior to others regardless the Han Dam’s evilness.

It’s a horrible mental illness.

Mental illness and being proud of evil culture

The Han Chinese are called intelligent. But, ironically, cockroaches do fewer evil things to harm themselves than the Han Chinese do.

So, where is their intelligence?

Why can’t they realize that their culture is the cause of their problem, but are proud of the cause and try to proudly introduce the evil Chinese culture to the world like introducing something that is really their pride?
Where’s their so called intelligence?

The truth is that judgment is not intelligence. Man can be very intelligent with no good judgment. When the Han Chinese are proud of what has destroyed them, it’s not their true pride but their mental illness that drives them and controls their minds.

The Chinese Communist Party and the Han Chinese people, which one is more evil?

The world is blinded by the virus called multiculturalism, or humanism, or human rights. Most of the people no longer realize that not only regime, but also PEOPLE, that could be evil.

The Chinese Communist Party and the Han Chinese people, which one is more evil?

The truth is that the Han Chinese people are much more evil than the CCP.

The cruel and foolish pride

The Han Chinese are more than proud. They are actually arrogant because of the so called “rise of China”.

But, who pay the price for the “rise of China”? Remember that “rise of China” is not free.
It’s the no-rights peasant slaves that make up 70% of entire Chinese population.

When the slaves suffer the pain, the Chinese “patriots” are showing the world their pride and arrogance. So cruel their pride is. So weird their arrogance is.

And who leads them to the pride?
It’s the western world.

But, when their tradition poisons them, they are going to honor their cancer tradition with the fruit from the western world. So foolish their pride is.

Racism is the truth and is fair

You should NOT be a racist against individuals. It would not be fair nor their inferiority would be true.

But you should be a racist against some groups. The group’s inferiority could be true and it could be fair to act against the group.

So, when you need brilliant individuals from the inferior groups to serve your country, you should never allow their number to grow to be politically powerful, unless they completely convert themselves to no longer identify themselves to be the original group, or unless you are going to commit suicide.

Don’t be blinded by yourself.

People know more about cockroaches than know the Han Chinese the biggest herd in the world


Because you don’t think the cockroach is one of you and you try to know something different from you, but you would mistake the Han Chinese for something like you without significant differences.

The proud Chinese despise and rebuke Americans

And you criticize China?

The Chinese are proudly angry:
Do you know a lot of Chinese have more money than a lot of Americans?!  You despicable poor Americans! You have no money but need to borrow our money.
And, do you know Americans are supplied supported by the Chinese? Without our cheap junk copies, how long can you survive, 2 days or 3 days?!

Sure, they will not tell you where their money is from.

So, why should Americans buy the Chinese anger with Americans’ dollars?

The Chinese could never think about this because of their mental illness. But do Americans not think about this either?

When the Chinese copy the rest of the world, some are going to learn the Chinese

Learn the Chinese to copy yourself?

What are the “great” people concerned about most?

The self-claimed “great” people, the Han Chinese, are concerned most about not being considered great!

When they are blamed after they do something unfair, they don’t try to correct themselves, nor try to prove that they actually do nothing unfair, but tend to respond to you by telling you that they can consider you to be inferior, and they would do more to tell you that they are great and therefore superior to you!

When they cry “victims”, they “seek justice” to tell you that they are superior to you and you should be considered inferior.

Can’t you see their mental illness?

The “infighting comfort victims” and their “greatness”

The Han Chinese can never forget to tell the world their “greatness” and “pride”.
They have 5000 years of writing history.
They had the powerful dynasties like Han (206 BCE – 220 CE) and Tang (A.D. 618 – 907). They even call Chinatown “the street of Tang people”, not the street of Yuan people, nor the street of Qing people.

They love antiquity. They despise anything young, or later, or new.

But, they don’t call themselves Yuan people or Qing people, though they were also great empires in the Chinese history, and their memory must be much fresher.

They actually don’t allow anybody to talk about their latest 1000 years of their history after Tang. It’s a crime in China to do so. The great people don’t allow anybody to talk about their GREATNESS! You know there must be something big they have to cover. It’s so WEIRD that this group of proud people talking about 5000 years of history but not allowing anybody to talk about the latest 1000 years of their own history.

And, why do I call them comfort people?

They have their long comfort history.

French have their heroin Joan of Arc to admire. And the Han Chinese have their beauties to admire. In the Han Chinese history, there are four most famous beauties, Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diao Chan, and Yang Yuhuan.

The most beautiful of the most beautiful is Xi Shi (506 BC – ?), and she is the first documented COMFORT WOMAN in the Han Chinese history. Goujian told his conqueror, Fu Chai, “Don’t consider us to be your enemies! Here’s our girl for you to sleep with!” And his foolish enemy just slept with the comfort woman, and later was destroyed by Goujian.
But nobody knows when the greatest comfort woman died.

The second most beautiful is Wang Zhaojun (around 450 years after Xi Shi), and she was also a comfort woman. She was not a prostitute because she didn’t trade sex for money but for peace. She told the Han Chinese enemy, the Xiongnu chanyu Huhanye, “Don’t invade us but sleep with me! Let peace prevail in our love-making bed!” And their foolish enemy did, and later got destroyed by Han.

Under Mongol’s rule, all Han Chinese women were lawful comfort women. The Mongols could sleep with them as they wanted. And it lasted more than 89 years. It causes a great problem for the modern Han Chinese for they are ancestor-worshipers. Today, no Han Chinese actually know who were their TRUE male ancestors. Then, they have no better choice but make an imaginary ancestor for themselves to worship. It is called dragon. It means, whoever go to China to rape their women to breed with their women, it does not matter for they have a dragon as their male ancestor to worship. They have already won and solved the problem in their imaginary. And they proudly call themselves “the descendants from the dragon”. And they look down upon the rest of entire human group.

And, later, the modern comfort women or even the comfort women now in peacetime? Everybody knows. I don’t have to talk about them.

But the Chinese cry “the Chinese were the victims of the invaders” to say that they were the victims of the inferior people! And they need to punish the “inferior” people to seek justice. Then, they try to do something unfair to the “inferior” people and despise the “inferior” people for their “inferior action” of invading China.

And they can NEVER do anything fair to their own people. Their ethics is that it is ethical if it is unfair and it is unethical if it is fair. And they cause infighting and have to fight amongst themselves.

These are the greatness of the Han Chinese and their actual identity of the “infighting comfort victims”.

How do the Chinese “victims” seek “justice”?

When one cries victim, if you think his rights must have been violated and he should seek justice to push the intruders back to reclaim his rights, and justice does not allow the victim to cross the line either, I would agree with you. And I totally support such way of seeking justice.

But what have the Han Chinese been doing when they cry “victims of the Japanese invasion”?

Please look at this:

What the Chinese “victims” have been doing is to try to prove that the Japanese are inferior to the Han Chinese, and they think they will no longer be the victims if they can do so.

The Chinese “victims” think the justice can be done if the Japanese are considered to be inferior to the Han Chinese.

You don’t even see the Han Chinese mental illness?

The “inferior Japanese” are despised by the “superior Han Chinese”

Battle of Saipan:

(from wickpedia)

U.S.A 71,000 Japan 31,000
Casualties and losses
U.S.A 2,949 killed
10,364 wounded[1]
Japan 24,000 killed
5,000 suicides
921 prisoners
22,000 civilians dead (mostly suicides)

And the Han Chinese remark:

The Japanese are despicable because so many died in the battle of Saipan! The Japanese should get ashamed by their dead.

Oh! really?!

So many killed in the batttle and it proves the Japanese to be despicable and shameful?!

Then, what about the fabricated 300,000 killed AFTER the battle of Nanjing?

How many were still alive just after the battle of Nanjing?

Since some witnesses could tell the world about the Japanese cruelty, there must be more than 300,000 still alive just after the battle.

Then, more than 300,000 Chinese soldiers and civilians were still alive after the battle of Nanjing, and only a handful of Japanese were still alive after the battle of Saipan. And the Han Chinese think it proves the Japanese to be despicable because so many Japanese died in the battle. The Japanese had no wisdom. They despicably had no idea of keeping themselves alive in the battle like the Chinese “honorably” did.

So, my dear “honorable” and proud fellow Chinese, you just try to “honor” yourselves again once invaders come again by keeping yourselves alive in the battle to show the world your “wisdom and honor”!

And, next time, you please tell the world that AFTER THE BATTLE of Nanjing, there were actually 3 millions Chinese soldiers and civilians killed by the “son of bitch inferior Japanese devils”, and I’ll happily market your story for you.

And, I also do more. I pitifully leave you for the Japanese and salute the Japanese soldiers and civilians. If I have a chance, I’d like to be one of them to die honorably in the battle rather than die after the battle.

You the wicked mentally ill human trash!

Chinese infighting and Chinese soul cancer

The most impressive Chinese phenomenon is not their language, nor their food, nor their cheap junk, but their infamous infighting.

However rich they are, they can’t solve this “Han Chinese tradition”.

The Chinese proudly and bitterly live in the Chinese community hating, despising and fighting amongst themselves. And ironically, they love their soul cancer and call it “Han Chinese traditional beautiful moral values”.

Chinese comfort women in peacetime

Comfort women in wartime

I have no sympathy for the comfort women in whatever country.

Why don’t I disdain invaders but disdain comfort women? Do I know “human rights”? Do I know “humanity”?

Let me ask several questions.

What can you consciously control better, invader’s feet or your own arms, your own legs?

If you have “human rights” or “humanity” to burden invaders, do you forget to use “human rights” to defend yourself? Why don’t you beat invaders with your “human rights” to honor “human rights”?

You can control your own arms and legs much easier than you can control invaders not to come to your land. But you even try to control invader’s feet with “human rights” and “humanity” when you can NOT control your own arms or legs to fight?

You do have the so called “human rights” to burden invaders, you even have “human rights” to surrender and spread your legs before invaders. But you also have “human rights” to fight invaders to death without spreading your legs for the invaders! Don’t you even know this?

If I face invaders, I would tell them that I can’t control their feet to come or not, they control their own feet, but I can control my legs not to kneel and control my arms not to raise a white flag but to fight until my last breath. I know what is beyond my control and what I can do.
If I become a comfort crying “human rights” or “humanity”, then shame on myself!

Comfort women in peacetime

If you think it’s understandable for human trash to be comfort women before invaders, do you still think it’s also understandable for proud women to be comfort women in peacetime, especially in “prosperous era”?

If foreign men go to China, sex is free there. Legions of girls are keen to offer them FREE sex, aggressively offer.

Do you just think you are lucky and think China is heaven without asking how this could happen?

What drives the Chinese girls to be comfort women in their pride and in the peacetime also prosperous time?

There must be something unhappier when they stay with their own “dear folk men”. They need somebody else to save them. And for girls, the most convenient way to attract their saviors is sex.

The Chinese comfort women in peacetime just allow you to have a chance to know and understand the real China.

China’s rural area

China’s rural area is not just the undeveloped area, but that pays much of the cost of Chinese cities’ development.

The poor rural area has been forced to “support” the richer Chinese cities to develop! The poor rural area has fewer rights, fewer opportunities with more burdens to support China’s “rise”.

Without rural area’s poverty and burden, there could be no China’s “rise”. The Chinese cities bullied the rural area to develop.


If you don’t know this, you don’t know China.

Are You Fooled By The “Rise of China”?

China is rising. And it fools a lot of people, either foreigners or Chinese themselves.

So, how can China rise and what does the rise of China mean?

The Han Chinese say that it is because they are the superior people. Their superiority causes the rise of China, and the rise of China proves their superiority.

The rest of the world would be convinced by their money and agree with the “Chinese superiority”. (Nobody asks why the “rising victims” are concerned most about being considered superior or not.)

So, how can China economically grow?

I am not an economist. But I still know some of the most important causes. When the socialist Chinese government commercially works with foreign industrious powers, creates cheap labors and sacrifices them, uses overseas Chinese in the developed countries as a bridge, runs government as a business, and is less concerned about justice, China economically grows.

China’s economic growth did not begin around 1980 but started long ago. The Chinese in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South East Asia had been experiencing economical growth long before the red China started its economic reform. When the red China determined to open its door to the overseas Chinese and foreign companies, both Communist Party and the overseas Chinese work together with foreign companies to use the economic resources in China and the Communist Party was ready to sacrifice their own workers’ rights and the environment.

So, despite the corruption, waste, environmental and healthy disasters, China does economically grow fast. And it has the vast poor majority to pay all the cost.

Then, what does the rise of China prove?

If there’s no economic globalism nor China’s “competitive” cheap labors, you can’t imagine a “rising China”. If the “rising giant” has no westerners to lead it, it would still just start to rise. China does not rise by itself. It is largely led by the industries in developed countries. Chinese government just determined to cooperate with those industrious powers. They kept everything cheap to enter the global market, and let their abundant cheap labors pay all the cost. For the rich Chinese, the use of their own people as cheap labors is just like the cruel cannibalism in the name of patriotism. And the cannibalism leads to their pride. And the rich just hates the sacrificed labors because the number of the latter makes China per capital rank low. It hurts their pride. (Nobody gets amazed? Nobody asks why?)

The rise of China is the assembly of economic globalism + capitalism + socialism + Chinese-national-identity-slavery + juridic and economic cannibalism within + Han disorder.

How can the Han disorder also contribute to their “rise”?

Although I have been blasting the Han disorder, surely the disorder drives people too. And it is one of the driving forces that drive the Han speakers to work hard. They try to endure the most unpleasant of the unpleasant life to become considered superior to let others SUFFER (Pinyin: chi de ku zhong ku, fang wei ren shang ren). They also fool hard, steal hard, rob hard and are keen to be arrogant because this driving force is not a natural one. Once they can have enough money to show others their “superiority”, they keep mistresses, spend on luxury or unnecessary products, and are arrogant rude to those who they consider to be inferior. When they consider others to be inferior and make others suffer, they ENJOY most. It’s kind of mental illness.

Also, China is opportunistic. China doesn’t have truthful values to stick to to keep it “rising”. The so called “Han Chinese speakers’ traditional beautiful moral codes” destroyed it and now they try to prove the destructive moral codes “beautiful”. This is a group of people who got poisoned to be almost dead and now try to prove the poison super nutritious. Their unbalanced disorder destroys their judgment and makes them look like brain dead. They don’t know they should learn from the lessons. When they are controlled by their unbalanced disorder, they are only concerned about being considered superior or not. That’s compulsory psychological problem. But now the opportunists just happen to have their country economically developed and they just totally forgot what made them suffer so much for so long in their history! And the evil “Chinese patriots” only know they can attack Japanese to turn the attention away from the real problems. When they ambitiously try to rule the world, how can these opportunists also the arrogant dishonest lowlifes be the rulers of the world? China, the so called giant, is a joke.

What would you have to do if you learn China? Try to compete with the Chinese no-rights cheap labors by pushing the vast majority of your own folks to poverty and deprive them of their rights? To rob the poor and enslave the poor to enrich the rich? And allow your government to run business?

Then, you will first have to go back to poverty then rise from poverty. That’s truly learning China and following China.

The “rise of China” fools the world and threatens the natural values.

The Chinese people “honored” by themselves with dictatorship

If dictatorship can go well, the dictator must be God, not human God, nor son/daughter of God, but real God.

But, seems it’s impossible. So, we need to answer the question, what if the human dictator goes wrong. The answer is liberty, limited government, ruled by law, and democracy.

But democracy still faces a lot of questions.
What is the best for the country?
What is fair and good for politicians, and for different groups of people?
How can all of these parties find the best and follow the best?
How can they all agree with each other?
What if they demand something not good for the country, nor for others, nor for themselves?
What if the majority goes wrong, since it punishes themselves and also everybody else in the country?

And the answer seems to be that everybody should be real God, though it’s not possible either.

Then, if democracy can go well, it actually reflects the people’s quality. If people can be granted the voting power and democracy can go well, the people in that country are honored by themselves. They are qualified people.

If democracy can’t be practiced in a country, and if dictatorship becomes necessary, it means people’s quality is too poor. They can’t be honored with democracy by themselves.

Now, in China, it becomes common sense that the Chinese people need an emperor to rule. The “great remarkable ancient civilized” Chinese people “honor” themselves with dictatorship!

Trade with China, a big mistake

Maybe the Americans just need cheap labors, or try to promote democracy in the rest of the world by economically enriching them, or help the Chinese people develop and live better. But the Americans don’t know they have been making a big mistake.

If you think your good intentioned trade with China should be appreciated, or, the not-ill-intentioned trade with China should not be hated, I agree with you.

But, what you don’t know is that the Chinese people are not like that in your mind.

Controlled and driven by their evil soul state, the Chinese people can easily become the victims of invaders. They just surrender before violence. But, also controlled and driven by the same soul state, the Chinese people are always pursuing to rule the world. They call it “ba”, which means “arrogantly tyrannically bulling the world and ruling the world”. And the Chinese, also the victims of the invaders, the comfort people, have been pursuing to be a “ba” through out their history. And the latest ambition of “claiming China the ba of the world” has been growing along with China’s economical growth.

Because of their ambition, America is their NATURAL enemy. So is Japan.

You know why the mainland Chinese persistently want to take Taiwan? Because of their patriotism?
If you think so, you are fooled!

When they claim Taiwan to be their territory, when they hate Japan, and trade with America also hate America, all of these is part of their strategy: using enemies to develop themselves to beat enemies to claim China the ruler of the world.

The more detailed strategy is to trade with America and Japan and all the rest of the western world to enrich themselves, then politically or militarily take Taiwan, or even Ryukyu Islands if possible, then build their own navy fleet to dominate the Pacific Ocean, then conquer Japan, and then destroy America to rule the world.

Pursuing to rule the world with cheap labors and reproducing power?
Yes, crazy. But it’s REAL! And there’s no surprise because of their soul state. Their ambition is grounded on their mental illness. You can’t ask whether such an ambition is wise or not.

Sooner or later, you will realize that it is more than a job issue or a debt issue to trade with China. It’s more about your security and your LIBERTY.

Some Chinese call Americans “kind but foolish”. When the “kind but foolish” Americans believe their kindness can make the world better, they are a bit too ignorant. They should have realized that there are people on this planet that are NOT like Americans! They have different souls.

Americans need to defend themselves, while not just try to lead the rest of the world. Some people are not ready to follow you but ready to strike you with your money.

How much will you have to pay for your misjudgment and mistake? I leave this question for the time to answer.

Discriminated pride?

The Han Chinese always feel discriminated and never forget to cry “racist”, and are always ready to beat the “racists” by “proving” other peoples to be inferior to the Han Chinese, the “superior” people. And they can never forget to tell the world their “pride”.

But, neither is true. It does not mean they are really discriminated when they feel discriminated. Nor can they beat the racists by discriminating back the supposed “racists”.

If they really want to beat the racism, here’s the suggestion: racism is kind of unfair attitude or action against the attributes that don’t contribute to certain result, therefore, it is the only way to beat racism to stick to what is fair to everybody.

When you beat the “racists” by looking down upon the “racists”, it has nothing to do with your “pride” but all with your mental illness.

The same or not the same?

If you say that the Chinese should not be considered the same, they would cry, “Racist! We are also human! Aren’t we?”

If you say that the Chinese should follow the same rules just like everybody else, they cry, “Racist! We are Chinese! Consider our culture!”

The same or not the same?

The truth is, if it is about the right, the Chinese want to be considered the same and granted the same rights, if it is about the duty, they don’t want you to consider them the same.
They need the same rights but don’t want to attend to the same duties.

Charles Darwin Faces A New Challenge!

According to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, man might descend from the monkey.

But the Han Chinese claim themselves to be the descendants from the dragon. And they are proud of it because they think the descendants from the dragon must be superior to the descendants from the monkey.

Charles, could you come out of your grave to argue with the 1.3 billion “descendants from the dragon”?

Rape? Massacre? Victims? Comfort Women/Men?

The Han Chinese not only call themselves great, but also call themselves good and other peoples bad.

Why should other peoples be called bad? They give reasons like “the son of bitch inferior Japanese devils”, “the western bandits”, “the red haired devils”, “the devils from the sea”, etc. (Except Russians, which the Han Chinese call “superior brothers”.)

And, I think it is also because the Han Chinese are a bit damn tooooo nice. They don’t know it also contributes to the wickedness of all the “devils”.


For instance, in the battle of Nanjing in 1937, all the Chinese, either soldiers or civilians, had the HUMAN RIGHTS to fight the Japanese invaders TO DEATH. But they were just too friendly, too peaceful, too kind, too noble, too courteous, too nice to use their WEAPONS. They’d rather generously throw their weapons away and PEACEFULLY fled the battle field even in civilian dress to show their good wish of peace. And they even comforted their invaders! You know what comforting means. It means great honor. The Han Chinese greatly honored their invaders by comforting. And they even joined the invaders’ army to kill their own “dear folks” to convince the invaders of their desire for peace. Had they fought the Japanese vigorously viciously cruelly like fighting themselves, there could be no single Japanese invader that could ever put his foot on the Han Chinese soil.

And, why were “the western bandits” even considered worse?


In May 1841, in the battle of Sanyuanli, the brave Han Chinese people beat the British invaders … for their Manchu invaders. Had the Han Chinese not thought the British were worse, how could they honorably fight against the British invaders for the Manchu invaders?

Now, they believe the world could be better if the “justice” is done. And they fight back by copyright pirating, contract scamming, targeting America, and crying “Tokyo Massacre”, “Great rape of Tokyo”!

The GOOD people, the Han Chinese, are going to seek the “justice” to punish the “bad” peoples, to educate them to become “human”, and maybe to rule them to make the Han Chinese themselves even look BETTER!

But, please, the Han Chinese, be a bit “not too good”, and other peoples will have no such chances to be so “bad”.

Four Great Inventions and The Han Chinese Pride

The Han Chinese have been proudly telling the world that they have 5000 years of “civilized” history because they could carve characters on the turtle shells FIVE THOUSAND YEARS AGO!!!

And, they even have FOUR great inventions in their “civilized” history!

Oh, my God! (Oh, sorry, we are not allowed to say that. Let me say, “Oh, my Satan!”) They could even invent something in their looooooong “civilized” history. And it ONLY took them 5000/4=1250 years to invent one. You know for millions of years of “monkey civilization” the monkeys have invented nothing.

The Han Chinese are surely not the monkeys!

Be proud of your “great eastern civilization”! Be proud of yourselves, the Han Chinese!